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KIRS can repair and service your boats.

On a weekly basis KIRS are doing repairs, insurance or maintenance, resprays or touch-ups.

Below are examples of repairs and servicing KIRS have completed.

If you have any enquires regarding repairs and servicing, contact us.


Central RPC Repairs

The stern of this boat was knocked off on the Cook Straight Ferry earlier this year as the team made its way to the 2014 National Championships. The 300 mm stern piece was lost completely and meant that KIRS had to reform, mould and set a brand new stern.




This is a Sykes 1x owned by Central RPC. Now fixed by the best rowing boat repairer in NZ - KIRS!

Ex St Margaret's Pair on Sold to Wellington Girls

This is a 2007 ex St Margaret’s’ pair, refurbished and on sold to Wellington girls. Head coach Alan Greer took delivery of this on Friday August 15.

After 7 years as a
successful school
girls pair / double,
refurbished, this
boat will remain
competitive for
another 7 years.


Union Boat Club Wanganui K9.4

Fleet Repairs.


Entire boat sheds repaired can be completed in 8-10 working days. Correct core and carbon-fibre patches. Paint preparation, touch-up and total respray if necessary.

How to repair a small hole in the hull or deck of a KIRS boat.

This is the area that we will be fixing:

Step One: Epoxy filler. We recommend epifill epoxy fillers as they work well with the aesthetics of the boat and key nicely to the epoxy laminate that we use to laminate the hull and decks.

Step Two: Using a knife (we used a craft knife) scuff the area around the dent. This is important as the scuffing of the surface allows helps the adhesive stick nicely

Step Three: Prepare the ingredients. For this repair we are mixing 2:1

Step Four: Using a spatula mix the two ingredients together.

Step Five: Apply the mix to the affected area with the spatula to a “true fill” level – this means the original level for the boat.

Step Six: Clean the area surrounding the dent. Remove any excess mix with toilet paper, a handi towel or cheese cloth

Step Six: Leave the mix to dry overnight. Cover the area from direct sunlight.

Step Seven: Using a file sand softly, without scratching the paint surface. Sand until you reach the true shape.

Step Eight: Using wet sandpaper, sand the surface down – slightly under the true level

Step Nine: Using a small brush, paint the affected area with two pack Epivar white.

Step Ten: Block sand the area carefully, blending the paint into the original surface (start with 800, finish with 2000).


Step Eleven: Hand polish.

Final result    



KIRS Fin Replacement.

Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four
Step Five Step Six Step Seven Step Eight
Step Nine Step Ten Step Eleven Step Twelve
Step Thirteen Step Fourteen Step Fifteen Step Sixteen
Step Seventeen Step Eighteen