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KIRS can repair and service your boats.

On a weekly basis KIRS are doing repairs, insurance or maintenance, resprays or touch-ups.

Below are examples of repairs and servicing KIRS have completed.

If you have any enquires regarding repairs and servicing, contact us.


St Georges Four/Quad Repaired.

A fifteen year old K13 bow coxed KIRS quad with conventional riggers has been in the KIRS factory. The boat has been completely stripped and had fibre repairs. The knees have also been refurbished with a carbon repair. The interior and exterior have been sprayed and the outside has had a cut and polish. The old fittings have also been tidied up to continue to be used. This boat now looks as good as new.

Boats with a knee structure are more suitable for sculling. St Georges will have this boat as a good club boat for another ten years.


Rangi Ruru Two Yearly Fleet Service.

The Rangi Ruru trailer has been at the KIRS factory since Maadi cup in March. Their boats have been stored here as they have no boat shed in Christchurch because of earthquake damage to the C.R.A shed, which is still under repair.

Their entire fleet of boats were in the factory for their two yearly service. Boats received hull repairs, touch-up spray paint and the entire fleet received a cut and polish. The entire fleet was completed in five working days. It took the team at KIRS two and a half days to repair the blue to white sections and another two and a half days to repair the gold to white sections.


The Rangi Ruru trailer went back to Christchurch. On board are the Rangi Ruru and Craighead repairs, four Southern RPC singles, the Canterbury rowing clubs quad and Ashburton’s single.


St Hildas of Dunedin Boat Repaired to Customer Requirements and More!

St Hildas left their KIRS K12 bow coxed four here after Maadi cup with multiple damages to the hull. The customer required a complete tidy up of the boat. After accessing the boat at the factory KIRS recommended a re-spray, the customer agreed and they now have a beautifully finished boat.
The boat is as stiff as the day it was made and will be delivered back into Dunedin in August free of charge.

If you have a similar requirement for your boat, contact us directly for costing and estimates.

Photos Left to Right: The damaged hull and the boat being fitted after a cut and polish.

Yearly Maintenance on Craighead’s Diocesan of Timaru Boats.

Two Craighead Diocesan fours, one pair and a damaged brand-new eight have all been in the KIRS factory getting their yearly maintenance. The boats were left here after Maadi, have been refurbished in July and delivery will be in August.

Craighead Diocesan  has been based out of Ruataniwha and for the months of January, February and March the boats were left outside in the severe summer conditions, this caused serve damage to their paint. The pontoons and ramps at Ruataniwha, Twizel have caused severe damage to the hulls and surface of the boats.

It has been three years since the fours and pair have been in for a service. The hulls were 60% scratched, they have been re-sprayed and have had a cut and polish. These boats will be good as new for the next 3-5 years. All of this work has been commissioned to the requirement of the head coach, Dean Milne.




Refurbishment and Re-spray.

A six year old KIRS single was in need of a re-spray to customers requirements, a cut and polish and a refurbishment, all work was completed at the KIRS factory for $750 + GST.

This boat has been in a high performance program, used by a magnitude of Scullers. After refurbishment in the KIRS factory the hull looks good as new. This boat will be a competitive boat for another 5-10 years. 

Takapuna Grammar.

Eight and Nine Year Old KIRS 9.9's From Takapuna Grammar Were In The Factory For A Refurbishment And Repaint.

All the boats were tidied up to customers requirements. Fittings renewed, hull and cockpits interior and exterior paint and varnish work was completed and a carbon cut water was fitted for water deflection.

These boats are now looking as good as new and have been delivered back to the school.



Fleet Repairs.

Entire boat sheds repaired can be completed in 8-10 working days. Correct core and carbon-fibre patches. Paint preparation, touch-up and total respray if necessary.

Southern RPC Fleet Repair and Servicing.

A trailer load of Southern RPC's oldest fleet, most of them ex NZ rowing boats, were left at the KIRS factory after Maadi cup in late March.

Extensive hull and cockpit interior work was completed as well as fitting new bow screens for water deflection.

The hulls were touch up sprayed and cut and polished.

New fins and rudders were fitted.

Completed in a three week time frame.

These boats will become the southern RPC base winter training boats were delivered into Christchurch to a brand new boat shed ready to row.




KIRS are proud to be perfered supplier for Southern RPC.




Waikato RPC Fleet Repair and Servicing.

The Waikato RPC boats have undergone an end of year service.

The repairs needed are minor and the entire fleet are in for a polish.

Coach, Ian Wright, and Manager, AJ Harper, required we complete them within a ten day time frame.

The boats look great and were returned to the club within the time frame.











KIRS are proud to be perfered supplier for
Waikato RPC.




Sand Bank Bellied-Up Eight. 

A North Shore Rowing Club KIRS 17.5 eight was sent to the KIRS factory for repairs. Bellied up into a sand bank in Auckland harbour, it has compressions and rock gouges over 13 meters of the boat. Boat laminator/constructor Lez, is cutting out the compressed and punctured areas ready for carbon Honeycomb repair. The boat will be looking as good as new in no time!









New Rowing School Program Buys Second Hand KIRS Four and Requires New Colours and Details.

St Patrick's College of Wellington purchased this K13 bow coxed four from Rangi Ruru last year. They rowed it this past season in Rangi Ruru colours, but now requiring repair and repainting.This boat will be painted with the new paint system implemented by KIRS this year. Cut and polished looking brand new for customers requirements.











KIRS Fin Replacement.

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