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Safe Arrival in Sydney of Shore Schools Latest Kirs Boats

Two x 17.5 eights for school boys were ordered and delivered into Sydney in eight weeks.

Arrival of Latest Kirs Boats in Sydney

Packed and secured in the container ready to go. KIRS personally shuts the doors and seals the container.

Arrival of Latest Kirs Boats in Sydney

The customer opens the container and offloads their new KIRS boats.

“The KIRS experience………..
The Shore school in Sydney has been a customer of KIRS for the last 18 years and in that time we have purchased single sculls, coxed fours/quads and eights. The boat rotation program at Shore dictates that the boats need be able to perform at a superior level for approx. 15 years till they are eventually replaced and moved on. This criterion the KIRS hulls have met easily.
This season, the Shore Rowing Club purchased two “17.5” eights and the process could not have been easier. From placing the order and discussing suitability with Bob Rout (KIRS owner) to relaying other details re money and fittings through Debbie and Gary (dedicated KIRS staff), dealing with KIRS has been extremely easy.
Once complete the hulls and fittings were loaded into a container by KIRS staff, which is extremely reassuring and highlights the care that the KIRS team take with their products. The KIRS appointed freight handler then made contact to reassure me that I would be the one to open and unload the container once landed and cleared.
Once unloaded and rigged it was clear that the high standards in construction and finishing have continued to be maintained at KIRS. I have no hesitation in recommending KIRS to anyone who enjoys well built, fast, well finished boats and great customer service.”

Glenn Bates, Rowing Master, Shore School

This is how easy it is to get a Kirs rack up, unseal, transfer to trailer, take to boat shed, rig and ready to go.